How would you compose two or three diary entries for Mollie in Animal Farm?

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Think about the character of Mollie - a spoiled, physically vain horse who was used to having an easy life of treats and being cared for by loving humans. She probably did not agree with the animals who felt that humans were cruel and unkind; she certainly would not have felt that her life would be better without humans present to bring her sugar lumps and to braid her mane with ribbons.

So, your assignment asks you to create some diary entries that Mollie might have written. Pick two or three major events and think about how Mollie would have reacted to them. What would Mollie have thought of Old Major's speech encouraging the animals to unite and drive the humans away? Make her feelings, concerns, apprehensions your first diary entry.

What would Mollie have thought of the Seven Commandments? Would she have agreed that anything that goes on two legs was an enemy and that no animal should wear clothes? Would she have been ready to express her feelings to the other animals on the farm? Perhaps your second entry would be Mollie thinking on paper, trying to work out her confusion and fear because she was in disagreement with what was happening around her.

You might have a third entry as Mollie begins planning to flee the farm. What incident finally forces her to decide to escape? What does she have to think about as she prepares to do so?

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