What is the meaning of the song "Comrade Napoleon" that Minimus writes in Animal Farm?

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Minimus represents the artists who sold out on their distinctive talent and individual expression to become cooopted by the state or the government.  In this, Minimus' song can be seen as a praising of Napoleon in all his forms.  The song replaces "Beasts of England" because it makes Napoleon the center and focus of all life on the farm.  The entire song is a form of propaganda that praises Napoleon and makes him the center of all attention.  Consider this set of lyrics:

Oh, how my soul is on
Fire when I gaze at thy
Calm and commanding eye,

This particular set of lyrics means that the power that Napoleon holds over the individual can be seen as an inspirational one, representing the reason why the speaker's soul is "on fire."  At the sight of Napoleon's "calm and commanding eye," some level of inspiration or galvanizing into action is obtained.  In these lyrics, Napoleon is seen as an almost God- like figure in its praise.  Another example of this can be seen later in the song:

Had I a sucking-pig,
Ere he had grown as big
Even as a pint bottle or as a rolling-pin,
He should have learned to be
Faithful and true to thee,

This particular set of lyrics makes the argument that Napoleon is the template by which future generations should gear their actions.  For example, the idea of young people needing to "learn" to be "faithful and true" to Napoleon brings to light how the leader is an example for future generations.  In this, Napoleon is glorified as a vision for the future, something that makes a bit of sense seeing that Napoleon has sired the new generation of boars on the farm.

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