Our comprehensive Animal Farm lesson plan teaches not just reading comprehension but also history, politics, and critical thinking. Animal Farm learning objectives include understanding how the novel acts as both a fable and an allegory through extended metaphor, and identifying the main themes of the story. Teaching Animal Farm gives students opportunities to study rich literary and thematic content through classroom activities and exercises.

Our Premium Lesson Plans and Activities for Animal Farm include a comprehensive eNotes lesson plan for studying the entire novel—complete with a multiple-choice exam, essay questions, vocabulary exercises, and a comprehensive answer key—a detailed stand-alone lesson plan that focuses on how characterization develops themes, and a response journal filled with writing and discussion prompts to facilitate students’ reading of the novel. 

Each of these documents has been written and vetted by our in-house educators and editors. Animal Farm lesson plans are geared toward high school English class, particularly matching the general 10th grade curriculum. In addition to our eNotes Animal Farm lesson plan, we have free materials available, including Animal Farm lesson plan ideas and activities contributed by teacher users.

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