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Cosima Noline

Cosima Noline, the protagonist and narrator. Cosima, who goes by the nickname Codi, is in her early thirties but is still searching for her life’s work and a sense of belonging. She trained to be a medical doctor but quit during her internship. She has since worked as a scientific researcher and as a convenience store clerk. Emotionally scarred by the death of her mother and her own miscarriage at the age of fifteen, Codi is cautious about forming attachments. Her strongest bond is with her sister Hallie.

Homero Noline

Homero Noline, Codi’s father, the only doctor in Grace. Codi calls him Homer. He is the protagonist of several sections of the novel. Because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, Homer’s thinking moves fluidly between past and present. Although he has maintained distance from his daughters and his community, he cares deeply about both. He deliberately established himself and his daughters as outsiders in Grace, hiding the fact that both he and their mother grew up in the town. He denies his own illness and, like Codi, insists on remaining independent and separate through most of the novel.

Loyd Peregrina

Loyd Peregrina, a Native American of Apache and Navajo descent. He is a railroad engineer and Codi’s lover. Loyd dated Codi briefly in high school and was the father of the baby she miscarried, although he does not find out about the incident until...

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Animal Dreams Characters

As always, Kingsolver has populated her novel with a wide array of complex, believable characters. The characters are of Anglo, Spanish, and...

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Animal Dreams Character Analysis

Animal Dreams Cosima Noline

Cosima (or Codi) Noline is the sister of Hallie and the daughter of Doc Homer. It is she who narrates most of the story. Codi is tall, just...

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Animal Dreams Loyd Peregrina

Loyd Peregrina is a mixture of Apache, Pueblo, and Navajo blood. He briefly dated Codi when they were both in high school, where he had a...

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Animal Dreams Halimeda Noline

Hallie is the younger sister of Codi and the daughter of Doc Homer. She does not appear directly in the novel but is revealed through Codi's...

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Animal Dreams Homer Noline

Doc Homer, whose full name is Dr. Homer Noline, is the father of Codi and Hallie. For many years he has been Grace's only physician, but at...

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Animal Dreams Other Characters

Doña Althea
Doña Althea is one of the formidable ladies of the Stitch and Bitch Club. She is old, silver-haired, and tiny, and...

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