Angela's Ashes Lesson Plans
by Frank McCourt

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Angela's Ashes Quiz Chapters One and Two

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Chapters 1 and 2


  • What religion are the McCourts?
  • What does Angela fix for Oliver to eat/drink when he becomes ill?
  • Why do Franky and the “big boy” get into a fight when Angela registers him for school?
  • What happens to baby Margaret after she dies?
  • How, specifically, does Eugene die?
  • Why does Aunt Aggie cry when Malachy is on Uncle Pa Keating’s knee?
  • Why do Angela and Malachy marry?
  • What happened to Pat, Angela’s brother?
  • What is significant about Angela Sheehan’s (Franky’s mom) birth?
  • What is the story that Franky claims is “his story”?
  • What monument does Franky get to see based on “his story”?
  • Describe Malachy Jr:
  • Describe Franky:
  • What happens when Malachy Sr. goes to the IRA for money?
  • Why did he feel like he was entitled to money from the IRA?
  • Describe the Leamy’s school which Franky and Malachy Jr. were to attend:
  • Who do the McCourt’s go and visit upon their return from the USA (list both sets of people)?
  • Who, in your opinion, who helps the McCourts the most upon their return to Ireland?
  • In what way were they helped?
  • Discuss the irony in the section of the book where Franky steals fruit from the Italian man’s store :

Short Answer

  • What image, to you, is the most stark and profound that we have encountered in the first three chapters? Why?
  • Why does McCourt, as author and narrator, choose to NOT use quotation marks and to USE run-on sentences in places? What is the effect of these two rhetorical devices on the story that he is telling?

About this Document

Brief quiz w/ short essay answers at end. This is mostly a check for understanding and a "did you read?" quiz.