Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Ángel Guerra

Ángel Guerra (AHN-hehl GEH-rrah), an idealistic widower of thirty whose unhappy childhood causes him to turn revolutionist. Defying his wealthy, domineering mother, he chooses the company of the violent, unsavory Babel family. In spite of his later reformation, the Babel family finally causes his death.

Doña Sales

Doña Sales (DOHN-yah SAH-lehs), Ángel Guerra’s rich, overbearing mother. Her attempts to force her son into submission drive him to take up with the criminal Babel family.

Encarnación (Ción)

Encarnación (Ción) (ehn-kahr-nah-see-OHN), Ángel Guerra’s beloved little daughter.


Lorenza (loh-REHN-sah), sometimes called Leré (leh-REH), Encarnación’s twenty-year-old tutor. On the death of her charge, she enters a convent in Toledo where, in his loneliness, Ángel Guerra follows her. Through her influence, he seeks the comfort of the church.

Arístides García Babel

Arístides García Babel (ah-REES-tee-dehs gahr-SEE-ah bah-BEHL-) and

Fausto García Babel

Fausto García Babel (FOW-stoh), dishonest brothers, who, in an attempt to flee justice, demand money of Ángel Guerra. They stab him in a quarrel over his refusal to pay.

Dulcenombre (Dulce) Babel

Dulcenombre (Dulce) Babel (dewl-seh-NOHM-breh), Ángel Guerra’s mistress. She later enters a convent.

Padre Casado

Padre Casado (PAH-dreh kah-SAH-doh), a priest who is preparing Ángel Guerra for holy orders.

Captain Agapito Babel

Captain Agapito Babel (ah-gah-PEE-toh), an ex-slaver.

Matías Babel

Matías Babel (mah-TEE-ahs) and

Policarpo Babel

Policarpo Babel (poh-LEE-kahr-poh), unsavory children of Captain Agapito Babel.

Dr. Maquis

Dr. Maquis (MAH-kees), physician to Doña Sales.