Andrzej Wajda Krzysztof-Teodor Toeplitz - Essay

Krzysztof-Teodor Toeplitz

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Cybulski's sudden accidental death was the starting point for Everything for Sale, whose story concerns the disappearance of a famous actor during the shooting of a film…. The situation gives Wajda the occasion for confronting legend with reality, but he is aware of the danger of facile, shallow "debunking"; the film is far more complex than that. Instead, Wajda is interested in collecting the gestures, impressions, and various incidental fragments of personality or image which the dead actor scattered among the living, and showing how these "crumbs" constitute an awkward gift, like some heirloom one is dearly attached to and yet can do nothing with. The dead actor's legend persists among the living...

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