Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 9

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 9

1. How does Deckard view his role as bounty hunter?

2. How does his role compare to the moral philosophy of Mercerism?

3. Where does Deckard go to find the next android on his list?

4. Is Deckard’s attempt to test Luba Luft successful?

5. Why is Deckard confused by the police officer who arrests him?

1. Deckard sees his role as bounty hunter as an entropic component that facilitates the destruction of what has been created.

2. Deckard has issues with retiring androids because he feels as though he is adding to the same destruction which Mercerism struggles against.

3. Deckard goes to the San Francisco Opera where one of the cast members is an android.

4. Deckard is not able to conclusively determine if Luba Luft is an android because of the oddness of her behavior during the test session.

5. The police officer hasn’t heard of Deckard or any of his coworkers. When the officer heads to the police station to book Deckard, it is apparent that the officer is taking Deckard to a different station because they are traveling away from Deckard's station.