Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 8

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 8

1. Why does the W.P.O. want to send one of their own officers to accompany Deckard on his mission?

2. Why does Deckard look for Polokov at the Bay Area Scavenger’s Company?

3. What does Rachel Rosen offer Deckard and why is this strange?

4. What does Deckard find out about the Russian police agent, Kadalyi?

5. What does the interaction between Deckard and Polokov imply about the escaped androids?

1. The W.P.O. is concerned about the accuracy of the test methods involving androids and they want one of their own members to observe a bounty hunter in action.

2. Deckard looks for Polokov at the Bay Area Scavenger’s Company because he is masquerading as a special who works in a menial position for the scavenging company.

3. Rachel Rosen offers to assist Deckard in his mission. This is strange because she is an android offering to help in the destruction of other androids.

4. Deckard discovers that Kadalyi is actually Polokov, the android that Deckard has been pursuing.

5. Polokov’s attempt to masquerade as humans in a variety of professions indicates that androids possess a strong sense of survival and a cleverness that is challenging to humans.