Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 22

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 22

1. What does Deckard find?

2. What is Iran doing just before Deckard reaches home?

3. What is Iran’s reaction to Deckard when he returns home?

4. What does Iran discover about Deckard’s finding?

5. How does Deckard respond to her discovery?

1. Deckard discovers a frog in the dust and captures it to take home.

2. Just before reaching home, Iran attempts to use the mood organ but finds that she is incapable of using it because of her sincere concern for Deckard.

3. Once Deckard returns home, Iran expresses her sincere relief for his safety.

4. Iran realizes that the toad is mechanical when she finds a control panel on its belly.

5. Deckard expresses defeat, but explains that it is better to know the truth than be deceived.