Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 21

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 21

1. Where does Deckard find himself when he lands his hovercar?

2. What does Deckard realize about his surroundings?

3. Why does Deckard attempt to contact Dave Holden?

4. What happens to Deckard while he is alone?

5. What is different about Deckard’s experience with Mercer?

1. When Deckard stops his hovercar he is in a barren landscape that is completely devoid of life.

2. Deckard realizes that he is in the barren landscape experienced by users of the empathy box when they fuse with Mercer.

3. Deckard attempts to contact Holden in order to speak with the only other person that Deckard believes will understand the complexity of his situation. He is looking for validation from Holden about the confliction emotions Deckard is feels as a bounty hunter.

4. While he is alone, Deckard involuntarily fuses with Mercer and begins an attempt to ascend the same desolate hillside that Mercer endures during his continual struggle. Deckard abandons the struggle after being hit by a rock.

5. In addition to lacking an empathy box normally required to experience the fusion with Mercer, Deckard is completely alone when he has his interaction with Mercer.