Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 18

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 18

1. How does Isidore respond to his role as servant to the androids?

2. What does Isidore find outside of the apartment?

3. How do the androids react to Isidore’s finding?

4. What is Buster Friendly’s big announcement?

5. What is Isidore’s response to Friendly’s announcement?

1. Isidore has a feeling of usefulness with the androids that he is incapable of receiving from humans due to his classification as a special.

2. Isidore finds a spider crawling around the staircase outside of his apartment.

3. Roy Baty is disinterested in the spider because of the announcement Friendly is about to make on the television. The two female androids are curious about the spider and respond by mutilating it to determine whether or not it needs all of its legs to walk.

4. Buster Friendly and his team of investigators announce that they have found evidence proving that Wilbur Mercer is a fake and that the barren landscape surrounding Wilbur Mercer on the empathy boxes is fabricated.

5. Isidore loses touch with reality and subconsciously uses his empathy box as a means of escaping the disastrous implications of Mercerism’s falsity. His use of the empathy box plunges him into the despair experienced by Mercer in the tomb world.