Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 17

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 17

1. What does Rachel Rosen say to Deckard about his ability to retire androids after their shared experience?

2. What becomes evident to Deckard about Rachel Rosen’s visit?

3. What does Deckard attempt to do to Rachel Rosen in response to her announcement that he has been set-up?

4. How does Rachel Rosen react to Deckard’s attempt to retire her?

5. How does Deckard’s experience compare to Resch’s earlier suggestion about dealing with his feelings about retiring androids?

1. Rachel Rosen tells Deckard that she doesn’t think he will be able to retire androids after sleeping with her because of the amount of empathy he now feels for androids.

2. Rachel Rosen admits that her visit was for the sole purpose of sleeping with Deckard in an attempt to render him incapable of finishing his mission to destroy more androids.

3. Deckard attempts to retire Rachel Rosen, but finds that he cannot follow through with it.

4. Rachel Rosen considers Deckard’s failure to retire her as a sure indication that he will be incapable of retiring the remaining androids on his list.

5. Even though Deckard is unable to retire the android, he understands why Resch suggested sleeping with the android before trying to retire her. However, it becomes apparent that Resch's suggestion is not effective because even after sleeping with Rachel Rosen, Resch himself could not retire her.