Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 16

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 16

1. Why does Deckard think androids escape to Earth?

2. Why is Rachel Rosen disturbed by the description of one of the androids on Deckard’s list?

3. How does Rachel Rosen feel about Pris Stratton?

4. What does Rachel Rosen claim is the reason for visiting Deckard?

5. Why can’t Deckard marry Rachel Rosen?

1. Deckard believes that androids escape to Earth in an attempt to break free of servitude to humans on Mars.

2. The description of Pris Stratton is identical to Rachel Rosen, indicating that they are the same exact model of android.

3. Rachel Rosen describes a feeling of losing her identity and uniqueness as a result of knowing that she is just one of many of the same type of android.

4. Rachel Rosen claims that the Rosen Association wants her to observe the ways in which the Voigt-Kampff Test identifies flaws in androids.

5. Deckard cannot marry Rachel Rosen because it is illegal for humans to have sexual relationships with androids.