Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 14

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 14

1. Why does Roy Baty encourage Stratton to move in with Isidore?

2. Why does Isidore say that he doesn’t believe in bounty hunters?

3. How does Roy Baty give himself away as an android to Isidore?

4. What is Isidore’s reaction to the news that Stratton and Irmgard and Roy Baty are all androids?

5. Why does Irmgard Baty think Isidore will not pose a threat to their safety?

1. Roy Baty encourages Stratton to move in with Isidore because he thinks that Isidore will provide some distraction to the bounty hunter when he shows up to retire the androids.

2. Isidore knows that murder is illegal and that it goes against Mercerism. He cannot believe that the police would hire people to kill other innocent people.

3. Roy Baty refers to Isidore as a human in a way that presupposes that Isidore is different from the other three inhabitants of Isidore's apartment building.

4. Isidore is nervous but excited at the prospect of living with androids because he finally has companionship and because he feels that his own intellectual inadequacies might be improved by the intellectual superiority of the androids.

5. Irmgard Baty is aware of Isidore’s isolation and she knows that he craves companionship, and therefore is not threatened by Isidore.