Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 13

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 13

1. What does Stratton notice about Isidore when he goes to her apartment after getting off from work?

2. How does Stratton react to the food offered by Isidore?

3. According to Stratton, why did a bounty hunter murder her friends?

4. Where did Stratton and her friends live before coming to Earth?

5.Why does Isidore state that he would find “pre-colonial fiction” depressing?

1. Stratton comments that Isidore seems “more grown up” because of his added confidence when he presents her with food.

2. Stratton is initially pleased and excited by the food, but then she becomes saddened and maintains that the food will only be “wasted” on her with out explaining further.

3. Stratton explains to Isidore that bounty hunters kill people for money.

4. Stratton describes her life on Mars as a collector of “pre-colonial fiction” sci-fi novels written prior to WWT.

5. Isidore states he would find pre-colonial fiction depressing because the utopian environments described in these books are diametrically opposed to the reality of the destruction of the environment on Earth. The idea that there could have been other possible outcomes to the future projected in the books depresses Isidore because the present state of Earth is so sad and pathetic.