Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Questions and Answers: Chapter 11

Philip K. Dick

Questions and Answers: Chapter 11

1. Why does Garland pull a laser tube on Deckard?

2. What does Garland claim about Resch?

3. Why must Resch lead Deckard out of the Hall of Justice building in handcuffs?

4. Why is Resch disturbed by Garland’s classification as an android?

5. What does Resch own that implies that he is not an android?

1. Garland pulls a laser tube on Deckard and admits that he is an android and that he intends to kill the bounty hunter. Garland decides not to kill Deckard when he is realizes that Resch will administer the Boneli Reflex-Arc Test even if Deckard is dead.

2. Garland claims that Resch is an android who doesn’t know he is an android because he has undergone memory replacement.

3. Resch must lead Deckard out of the Hall of Justice in handcuffs because both men realize that the entire Hall is actually an operation run by androids to help them maintain the secrecy of their existence on Earth.

4. Resch is disturbed that Garland has been classified as an android because Garland has been on Earth for a shorter period of time than Resch has been at the department. This implies that either Garland the human was killed and replaced by an android under Resch's watch or that Resch himself is an android who has undergone memory replacement.

5. Resch owns a pet squirrel that he has named Buffy. Resch has an emotional attachment to Buffy, which implies that he is not an android.