Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Summary and Analysis: Chapter 4

Philip K. Dick

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 4

New Characters
Max Polokov: the Nexus-6 android that injured Dave Holden.

Lurie Kampff: a psychologist who wrote the influential article, Role-taking Blockage in the Undeteriorated Schizophrenic.

Rachel Rosen: employee of the Rosen Association; niece of Eldon Rosen.

Eldon Rosen: senior representative for the Rosen Association.

In his meeting with Bryant, Deckard is notified of his next mission involving the retirement of Max Polokov, one of eight Nexus-6 androids that recently immigrated to earth illegally. Deckard is informed that Holden was able to test and retire two of the eight illegal androids before being injured by...

(The entire section is 643 words.)