Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Summary and Analysis: Chapter 22

Philip K. Dick

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 22

As Deckard sets down the receiver to the vidphone in his hovercar, he spots a toad among the stones on the ground outside. He grabs his copy of Sydney’s to confirm that they have toads listed as extinct. Deckard finds a cardboard box in his car and heads for the toad, which he realizes is the same color as the dust-covered ground upon which it sits. Deckard tries to recall what happens to people who find animals believed to be extinct and imagines that there’s some sort of recognition from the U.N. and possibly a stipend. In addition, Deckard reflects on how precious toads are to Mercer. Deckard, in disbelief of his find, then imagines that he might have suffered from radioactive exposure and has...

(The entire section is 884 words.)