Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Summary and Analysis: Chapter 21

Philip K. Dick

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 21

New Characters
Dr. Costa: Dave Holden’s doctor at the hospital.

Chief Cutter: San Francisco Police Chief.

As Deckard makes his way north, he observes the barren landscape below him and compares it to an abandoned shipping room where only fragments remain. He is amazed when he considers that the dead landscape beneath him used to accommodate farms and animals. Deckard then brings his hovercar to a screeching halt on a rocky hillside. He decides to call Holden to discuss his recent encounters with the androids. When he dials the hospital where Holden is recovering, an operator informs Deckard that Holden’s condition is serious and he can't talk. Deckard...

(The entire section is 946 words.)