Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Summary and Analysis: Chapter 19

Philip K. Dick

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 19

Isidore realizes that he is gripping the handles of the empathy box when the lights go out in his apartment. Irmgard grabs him by the shoulder and directs him to go to the door if the bounty hunter knocks. She then tells Isidore to tell the bounty hunter that he lives in the apartment and that he is alone. Stratton then urges Isidore to prevent Deckard from entering the apartment because of what he will do to the androids. Isidore makes his way to the door and pauses to listen. Roy moves behind Isidore, who is now able to smell fear seeping out of the android. He directs Isidore to move out into the hallway, which Isidore does, still clutching a small spider in his hand. Isidore makes his way down the...

(The entire section is 985 words.)