Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Summary and Analysis: Chapter 11

Philip K. Dick

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 11

Garland claims that he already knows the results of the testing to which he and bounty hunter Phil Resch are about to be subjected. While Resch is away, retrieving his apparatus for the Boneli Reflex-Arc Test, Garland pulls a laser tube at Deckard. Deckard explains that killing him would not relieve Garland of his obligation to take the test, and this prompts Garland to lower the laser tube. Garland explains that Resch is an unsuspecting android, and that he knows each of the other androids on Deckard’s list because they all arrived together on the same ship from Mars. According to Garland, Resch stayed behind in order to receive a synthetic memory system, which is the reason Resch is unaware of his...

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