Andrew Marvell

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Compare the poetry of Andrew Marvell and Ben Jonson.

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You do not mention any specific poems to compare, so I will give you an overview of Andrew Marvell and Ben Jonson's styles.  

Ben Jonson was about 45 years older than Andrew Marvell and wrote Renaissance era drama and poetry.  His poems covered a variety of genres but settled mainly into neo-classical and lyrical forms.  Lyrical poetry is a form of rhyming verse that may sound like a song and often presented the speaker's emotions in a logical manner, even if the subject matter was highly emotional.  He later became known as the leader for a group of poets who called themselves Cavalier Poets.  The cavalier poets moved away from poetry that was either too serious or intense, too religious in nature or fanciful in nature.  They wanted poetry to be about everyday life and to attach reason and logic to what had once been "inaccessible" poetry.

Andrew Marvell was influenced by Jonson and other poets who came before him.  He, too, employed logic, reason and order in his poetry.  Thie combination of lyrical elements and reason in his poetry has led many critics to say that he combines elementsn of both the Cavalier poets and the Metaphysical poets.  Some of his poems were about the differences between pastoral and city life while others appeared to be more political in nature.  

Both poets share a love of lyrical poetry, the use of wit and satire in their verses and the implementation of literary techniques such as irony, paradox and metaphor.  

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