Andrew M(oran) Greeley Mayo Mohs - Essay

Mayo Mohs

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Cardinal Sins shocked many with its tortured, bisexual archbishop, whose encounters with women are invariably brutal. Thy Brother's Wife … is in fact a better, more hopeful book. The pace is quicker, the characters more firmly drawn, the sexual rites gentler. Greeley's turf remains Camelot West: the Chicago of lace-curtain Irish who have pushed their way to the top. Multimillionaire Mike Cronin, who beds women faster than Joe Kennedy could say "Gloria Swanson," has set the course for his two sons. Paul, the Notre Dame boy who goes off to win a Medal of Honor in the Korean War, is going to be President. Sean is bound for the priesthood, and will of course be a Cardinal. Paul's wife is to be Nora,...

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