Other literary forms

(World Poets and Poetry)

Andrei Voznesensky (voz-nuh-SEHN-skee) is known primarily for his lyric poetry; however, he produced a body of experimental work that challenges the borders between literary forms. For example, his long work “Oza” (1964) is a literary montage alternating verse with prose passages and incorporating several points of view. Avos (1972; Story Under Full Sail, 1974), based on the life of the Russian diplomat and explorer Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov, is sometimes classified as poetry, sometimes as prose. Voznesensky’s prose writings include a short memoir, “I Am Fourteen,” which sheds light on his friendship with the famed Russian writer Boris Pasternak; “O” (about), which appears in An Arrow in the Wall, a critical commentary on art and literature; and “Little Crosses,” an essay on spirituality. In addition, he wrote a play, Save Your Faces (pr. 1971), and collaborated on musical and theatrical pieces such as the “rock opera” Iunona i Avos (pr. 1983; Juno and Avos).