Andrei Platonov Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Short Story Criticism)


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Claims that Platonov's work expresses his longing for unity between the polarities of Eastern and Western cultures.

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Discusses various short stories and their thematic concern of “bringing nature and humanity into harmony.”

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Calls the short stories of The Fierce and Beautiful World “brilliant” but difficult to appreciate.

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Full-length study of Platonov's literary career, paying special attention to the short fiction.

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Complains that Platonov's short stories are old-fashioned and unimpressive when compared to those of his contemporaries.

Rostovtseva, Inna. “Close to the Human Heart.” Soviet Literature 8, No. 497 (1989): 170–77.

Explains the recent rediscovery of and critical interest in the works of Platonov in light of the author's insights into human language and the impossibility of individuals becoming truly compassionate or happy.

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Praises the stories in In Our Beautiful and Frenzied World.

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Review of The Fierce and Beautiful World that praises Platonov as a master of poetic and unorthodox Communist ideology.

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Examines the influence of N. F. Fyodorov's religious philosophy on utopian themes in Platonov's short stories and novels.

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Discusses Platonov's frustration with Soviet collectivization as seen in his short stories, arguing it was a major reason he was officially censored.

Additional coverage of Platonov's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 108, and Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 14.