Andre Norton Sheryl B. Andrews - Essay

Sheryl B. Andrews

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

In [Exiles of the Stars,] the sequel to Moon of Three Rings, [Andre Norton] continues with the story of Krip Vorlund, a Free Trader in some future eon, who through shape-changing entered into the body of a wild animal and then, being unable ever again to regain his original form, was forced to claim as his own the body of a Thassa named Maquad. As in the first book, the Thassa Moon Singer Maelen is integrally bound to Krip although she no longer wears the guise of a woman, having been condemned by her people to take the body of her animal-friend Vors when her own body was broken and dying…. The story is told in the first person by Maelen and Krip in alternating though not ordered sequential chapters;...

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