Andre Norton

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Robert Berkvist

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Two highly diverting offerings from André Norton will not disappoint those who have come to appreciate her flair for the unusual…. ["The Time Traders"] combines some fact with much fantasy to produce a believable result. Time travel is not new in science fiction, nor is the anti-social hero a particularly fresh type, but in Miss Norton's skilled hands the story of Ross Murdock's adventures in the past … makes fascinating reading.

Time also is an important factor in "Star Gate" …, in which Miss Norton again demonstrates her superb talent for creating and sustaining a world of foreign moods. Gorth is such a world … torn by a struggle between good and evil. Miss Norton has captured the flavor of a Beowulfian folk epic so thoroughly that some readers may find the going a bit thick at first, but when one has learned how to separate the Styrs from the Wurds and mords the story moves briskly along. (p. 18)

Robert Berkvist, in The New York Times Book Review (© 1958 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), December 14, 1958.

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