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H. H. Holmes

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["Star Rangers" is] an imaginative and moving historical novel. This is a historical novel of the collapse of a decadent Galactic Empire; but it obtains its powerful effect by restricting its action to a small area of the surface of one planet and to the problems of a group of spacemen, abandoned by the empire they had lived only to serve. No cut-and-dried star hopping here, but oddly all the more impact of the awe and wonder of space—as the ocean may have more meaning to a castaway than to a trans-oceanic plane passenger. The plot involves a surprise that should not be mentioned here—an old theme, but one I've never seen so well handled before. In all, an excellent book for the new science fiction reader, and even for the veteran a refreshingly readable one. (p. 9)

H. H. Holmes, in New York Herald Tribune Book Review (© I.H.T. Corporation; reprinted by permission), August 23, 1953.

Superior cloak and dagger, [at Sword's Points] follows the trail of quiet, studious 19-year-old Quinn Anders as he is taken on by an independent under-cover outfit, on the Free World's side, and sent to find a valuable set of Belgian statuettes whose large purchase price could be used by the Russians. As carefully and excitingly planned as the operation itself, the book is suspense all the way…. Spell-binding and as adept as Andre Norton's more familiar science fiction. (p. 390)

Virginia Kirkus' Bookshop Service, July 1, 1954.

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