Ancrene Wisse Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Barratt, Alexandra. “Anchoritic Aspects of Ancrene Wisse.Medium Aevum 49, no. 1 (1980): 32-56.

Explores both Carthusian and Augustinian influences.

———. “The Five Wits and their Structural Significance in Part II of Ancrene Wisse.Medium Aevum 56, no. 1 (1987): 12-24.

Discusses the abuse of the mouth and how the concept works structurally in the text.

Dahood, Roger. “Design in Part I of Ancrene Riwle.Medium Aevum 56, no. 1 (1987): 1-11.

Refutes the claim that Part I is loosely arranged.


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