An Astrologer's Day

by R. K. Narayan

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Who instructs Guru Nayak to leave in "An Astrologer's Day" and why?

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In "An Astrologer's Day," Guru Nayak is instructed to leave the place by the astrologer. He does this because he knows that he is the man who attacked Guru Nayak and left him for dead all those years before.

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In “An Astrologer's Day”, the eponymous astrologer realizes to his consternation that his latest customer happens to be the man he attacked and left for dead many years before. The astrologer tries to get out of their business arrangement and tells the man, Guru Nayak, to come back the following day.

But Guru Nayak's not having any of it. He wants to know whether or not he'll succeed in the search for the man who attacked him, and if the astrologer refuses to help him then he'll have his money back. Reluctantly, the astrologer agrees to go along, but not without an extra rupee for his troubles.

As the man responsible for the brutal attack on Guru Nayak, the astrologer is naturally able to give his customer a completely accurate account of what happened to him. After giving his account, he then advises Guru Nayak to leave for his village immediately and never travel southward again. If he follows the astrologer's instructions he'll live to be one hundred.

The astrologer naturally wants to get Guru Nayak out of his life as quickly as possible and for good. He knows that Guru Nayak is determined to wring the neck of the man who attacked him, and being as how the astrologer is that man, he doesn't want to suffer such a terrible fate.

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