Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Amos Oz has written several novels, among them the well-known Mikha’el sheli, 1968 (My Michael, 1972)—the basis of an esteemed feature film of that title—Kufsah shehorah (1987; Black Box, 1988), which received worldwide attention when it was published, and Al tagidi lailah (1994; Don’t Call It Night, 1995). He has also written a children’s novel, Sumkhi (1978; Soumchi, 1980). His many nonfiction books range from collections of essays on history, politics, and society, as in Po va-sham be-Erets-Yisra’el bi-setav (1982; In the Land of Israel, 1983) and Mi-mordot ha-Levanon: Ma’amarim u-reshimot (1987; The Slopes of Lebanon, 1989), to essays mixing autobiography, philosophy, literary criticism, and sociopolitical analysis, as in Be-or ha-Techelet ha-azah: Ma’amarim ve-reshimot (1979; Under This Blazing Light: Essays, 1995) and Israel, Palestine, and Peace: Essays (1994), to focused literary criticism in Shetikat ha-shamayim (1993; The Silence of Heaven, 2000) and Mathilim sipur (1996; The Story Begins: Essays on Literature, 1999).