Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Imagine that five years have passed since Luke left in Mr. Talbot's car with his false identity card. Write a letter from Luke's mother to Luke telling him what his family is doing now.

2. Pretend that Luke is about to graduate from the Hendricks School for Boys. Write a letter from Luke to his family telling them what he has learned there and what his future plans are.

3. Jen and the other hidden children communicate via a chat room on the Internet. Create a transcript of an imaginary chat room session among the hidden children debating whether to demonstrate at the White House.

4. The population control laws in Among the Hidden are fictional, but contemporary China does have similar laws that limit the number of children parents can have. Explore the population reduction laws of China and the impact of those laws on the Chinese people. Evaluate the laws' effectiveness and explore the ways people use to evade the law.

5. Although there is still a president in the White House in Among the Hidden, the government of this future United States has become a totalitarian regime. What are the characteristics of a totalitarian government in comparison to a democratic government? Find out which countries in the world currently have totalitarian governments? What would it be like to live in one of those countries?

6. Many governments have used propaganda to convince their citizens to behave in particular ways. Find some examples of government propaganda from the past and discover how effective they were.

7. Jen believes that everything she reads on the computer is true, but her stepfather tells Luke that he slanted the information that he sent her via the computer. Find an example of slanted information on the Internet and write a critique of it.

8. Create a newspaper advertisement or a poster to remind ordinary citizens about one of the government policies necessary to control population growth (third child law, vegetarianism, anti-junk food, obeying the Population Police, agricultural controls).

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