Ron Cohen

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As drama … ["How I Got That Story"] falls short. Full-fledged conflicts between the two characters are rarely realized, as scenes with the potential for power are truncated as the script moves on in episodic, revue-like fashion. But perhaps most disheartening for the remaining few of us who still believe theater can be in the forefront of contemporary thought, Gray's insights into the Vietnam experience, almost a decade after the fact, seem like thin, belated echoes of what has already been explored with considerably more passion by Hollywood—as in "Apocalypse Now" and "The Deer Hunter."

Ron Cohen, in a review of "How I Got That Story," in Women's Wear Daily (copyright 1982, Fairchild Publications), February 18, 1982 (and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, Vol. XXXXIII, No. 3, February 1, 1982, p. 350).

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