An American Tragedy Book 3, Chapters 15-16 Summary

Theodore Dreiser

Book 3, Chapters 15-16 Summary

Belknap and Jephson discuss the difficulties of the case in defense of Clyde Griffiths, with Clyde present. If they present the story just as Clyde gave them, the jury will convict him of premeditated murder. Jephson asks Belknap if he thinks Clyde is guilty, and Belknap says that he does not necessarily think he is. Clyde seems like a nice person from a simple background, unlike the spoiled rich kid that Mason sees. Belknap speaks of Clyde’s run-in with the law in Kansas City, which he says he should not mention unless Mason brings it up.

Belknap gives Jephson a full account of Clyde’s background up until the time of Roberta’s murder. He presents Clyde as a young man caught in a love triangle. It is perhaps...

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