In the American Society by Gish Jen

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This is a story that focuses on the integration of Mr. Chang into American society. In a bid to support his daughters’ college education, when the time comes, Mr. Chang takes over a pancake house. First, he is portrayed as a generous employer—until he starts treating his employees very poorly. He chooses to employ undocumented people in order to pay them less. The story has various characters, as listed below.

Ralph Chang is the main character in the story. He is a businessman and owns a pancake house. He is portrayed as a dynamic character.

Mrs. Chang is Mr. Chang’s wife. She used to be a manager at a local supermarket before she quit her job. She is portrayed as respectful to her husband, and she intends to join the country club.

Callie Chang is the Changs' oldest child. Callie is portrayed as a static character and also the narrator.

Mona Chang is the Changs' other daughter, a sister to Callie. She is portrayed as a talkative character.

Booker is an undocumented immigrant who is hired by Mr. Chang.

Cedric is another undocumented immigrant who is hired by Mr. Chang.

Mrs. Lardner is the one who wrote a recommendation letter for Chang. She also throws a party for a friend who is traveling.

Jeremy is a friend to Mrs. Lardner. He is also the drunken guest of honor at the party thrown by Mrs. Lardner.