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What were some reasons for joining the Patriots in the Revolutionary War?

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People’s decisions to join the patriots were diverse in nature. Some people believed in the idea of liberation from the king’s rule. Under his kingship, Americans were denied their rights and freedoms and were forced to live under oppressive conditions despite their pleas for fairness. For this reason some people opted to join the patriots who advocated for liberation from such an exploitative rule.

The black slaves decided to join the patriots in the American Revolution for the sole purpose of gaining freedom. Other people made their decision based on the British policy that taxed Americans without giving them representatives in parliament. They believed that since the parliament was too far away, there was no way they would have ever obtained representatives to present their needs and so since their voice was unrepresented, they should not be taxed.

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There were many reasons why people joined the Patriot side in this war.  Among them were 

  • Ideology.  Some people truly believed in the ideas of the Revolution.  They believed that monarchy was wrong and that the colonies should be free from Britain.
  • Personal reasons.  Some joined because they had grudges against the British or because their local enemies were Tories.
  • Adventure.  Young men often sign up to go to war just because they think it will be a great adventure.
  • A desire for freedom.  Some African American slaves joined the Patriot side because they hoped that doing so would allow them to gain their freedom.

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