American Renaissance Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Short Story Criticism)

Louisa May Alcott
Behind a Mask: The Unknown Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott (short stories) 1975
Plots and Counterplots: More Unknown Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott (short stories) 1976
A Double Life: Newly Discovered Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott (short stories) 1988
Freaks of Genius: Unknown Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott (short stories) 1991
Louisa May Alcott Unmasked: Collected Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott (short stories) 1995

Lydia Maria Child
The Coronal: A Collection of Miscellaneous Pieces, Written at Various Times (sketches) 1832; enlarged edition published as The Mother's Story Book; or, Western Coronal, 1833
The Oasis [editor and contributor] (sketches) 1834
Fact and Fiction: A Collection of Stories (short stories) 1846; republished as The Children of Mt. Ida, and Other Stories, 1871
Autumnal Leaves: Tales and Sketches in Prose and Rhyme (sketches and short stories) 1857
Looking Toward Sunset [editor and contributor] (sketches) 1865

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Twice-Told Tales (short stories) 1837; also published as Twice-Told Tales [enlarged edition] 1842
Mosses from an Old Manse (short stories) 1846
The Snow Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales (short stories) 1851

Herman Melville
Israel Potter: His Fifty Years in Exile (novella) 1855
The Piazza Tales (short stories) 1856
*Billy Budd, and Other Prose Pieces (novella and short stories) 1924
The Complete Short Stories of Herman Melville (short stories) 1949
Billy Budd, Sailor (An Inside Narrative) (novella) 1962

Edgar Allan Poe
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, of Nantucket (novella) 1838
Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. 2 vols. (short stories) 1840
Prose Romances: The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Man That Was Used Up (short stories) 1843
Tales (short stories) 1845

*Billy Budd was probably written between 1888 and 1891.

†This edition contains the first printing of a genetic text of this work.