The American Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

Newman confesses to Mrs. Tristam that his visit to Claire de Cintré did not go well. She urges him to travel, to avoid discouragement, and see the rest of Europe as he had originally planned. He is not sure that he will return to Paris, but may go to Rome or Egypt. He says he is giving up any interest in Claire de Cintré, though he cannot forget her eyes. This part of his thoughts, however, he does not share with Mrs. Tristam. He says good-bye to M. Nioche, assuring him that he saw no hint of flirtatiousness in Noémie.

As Newman travels, he fits in easily with whatever culture he finds himself experiencing. He makes friends easily, and does not seem to be hampered by his ignorance of the...

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