The American Chapter 24 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 24 Summary and Analysis

Newman goes to the Sunday mass at the convent, hoping to at least hear Claire. The atmosphere in the chapel strikes him as cold. He sees in the other worshippers fellow mourners, grieving for the loss of the individuals cloistered behind these walls. He is disgusted with the “genuflections and gyrations,” seeing in them only the reason why he has lost Claire forever. Hearing the eerie chants, he can stand it no longer and exits the chapel. As he does so, he sees Madame de Bellegarde and Urbain, who see him as well. As he goes outside he sees Urbain’s wife and daughter in a carriage. The young marquise speaks to him, stating that she could not stand the chanting of the nuns, so she refused to go...

(The entire section is 952 words.)