The American Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis

As Mrs. Bread and Newman talk, the servant begs Newman not to blame Claire for rejecting him. She states that the family worked on her feelings, causing her to be plagued with guilt, though she has done nothing. Mrs. Bread says that Claire had been afraid for a long time, afraid of her family and what they had done in the past. Newman tells her that Valentin, on his death bed, had told him to ask Mrs. Bread about the secret. Mrs. Bread asks how such information will help him, and Newman confesses that he wants to use it to hurt the Bellegardes as much, or more, than they have hurt him. He is angry for their placing him in a high position, connecting him with their friends, and then pushing him over the...

(The entire section is 931 words.)