The American Chapter 19 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 19 Summary and Analysis

When Newman arrives in Geneva, he is met by one of Valentin’s second, M. Ledoux, functioning as a supporter of him in his duel with Stanislas Kapp. He informs Newman that the doctor has determined that Valentin will not survive the gunshot wound he received from Kapp in the duel. He says it is ironic that it should be Valentin who dies, since Kapp was no shot, while Valentin himself has received training in firearms.

As the two men walk to the place where Valentin lies on his death bed, Valentin’s second explains the course of the duel. The first shots were not deemed satisfactory by either party, so a second shot was decided upon. Valentin’s shot grazes Kapp’s arm, which is what he...

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