Critical Context

(Survey of Dramatic Literature)

American Buffalo’s success can be gauged by its selection by the New York Drama Critics Circle as the best play of 1977 and by Mamet’s winning an Obie Award as best playwright. Like many of Mamet’s works, American Buffalo is a drama with a minimalist plot and intense verbal interplay between its characters. Like the later Glengarry Glen Ross (pr. 1983), for which Mamet would win a Pulitzer Prize, much of American Buffalo’s vibrancy is derived from the ruthless, discordant language uttered by its characters. Like the obscenity-laden dialogue of the real estate dealers in Glengarry Glen Ross, Teach’s furious outbursts and his physical attack on Bob are theatrically disturbing for an audience because they are so extreme. Teach generates this explosiveness with the expletives which Mamet compounds even more densely in characters such as Ricky Roma and Shelly Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross.

In Sexual Perversity in Chicago (pr. 1974), Mamet explores the degradation of female and male relationships through the coarse language and trivialization of emotions, and his treatment of romantic relationships in that play anticipates the satire of the male relationships in American Buffalo. The cynicism of Bernie in Sexual Perversity in Chicago foreshadows the caustic posture Teach assumes as a way to avoid confronting his fears of failure in his relationships. It is Mamet’s...

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