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(Great Characters in Literature)

Amelia Harris Booth

Amelia Harris Booth, a beautiful and virtuous young Englishwoman whose troubles begin when she marries William Booth, a young army officer, against her mother’s wishes. After the Gibraltar campaign, when her husband is on half-pay in an inactive status, Amelia’s life becomes a constant struggle against genteel poverty. Her beauty complicates matters, for several high-ranking men who might help her husband acquire a new command pursue her in hopes that she will capitulate to them in return for the help they can give. Amelia also faces the problem of her husband’s gambling and philandering. She bears all her tribulations with patience and humility; her virtue is rewarded by the inheritance of her mother’s estate.

William Booth

William Booth, a British captain and Amelia’s husband. Although he is a meritorious junior officer who served well at Gibraltar, incurring two wounds, he has trouble securing a new command because he is too poor to buy a commission and without sufficient political influence to gain one. He loves his wife deeply, but he has weaknesses for gambling and women.

Dr. Harrison

Dr. Harrison, a benevolent Anglican clergyman who regards Amelia almost as a daughter. His kindness and help save Amelia and her family from disaster several times. He lends them his house and advances them money, and his discoveries eventually place Amelia in possession of her inheritance.

Colonel Robert James

Colonel Robert James, a fellow officer of William Booth during...

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