The Ambassadors Overview Quiz

Test yourself with the comprehensive questions on Henry James's dark comedy found in eNotes' The Ambassadors Overview Quiz.

  1. What does Madame de Vionnet say about Chad's relationship with Jeanne?

  2. What does Mrs. Newsome want Chad to do in America?

  3. What does Madame de Vionnet want from Strether?

  4. What advice does Strether give to Bilham?

  5. In Paris, what does Waymarsh urge Strether to stop doing?

  6. According to Maria, what is Stether’s “mission” regarding Chad Newsome?

  7. How does Waymarsh reveal his “sacred rage”?

  8. With whom is Chad actually having an affair?

  9. Who promises their financial support to Lewis Lambert Strether?

  10. What condition does Chad place on his “surrender”?