The Ambassadors Book 9 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 9 Summary and Analysis


Visiting Madame de Vionnet, Strether expresses his frustration with the Pococks and their continued refusal to admit the change in Chad. He directs his frustration at Sarah, whom he cannot see as charming, despite Madame de Vionnet's high opinion of the girl. She is resigned to Chad’s infrequent visits now that his family has arrived. Chad is spending most of his time with Jim. Strether warns Madame de Vionnet that Jim thinks of her as a delightfully “bad” woman of the world. He also believes that Jim does not want Chad to go back to Woollett because he feels overshadowed by Chad’s stronger personality. In Mrs. Pocock’s view, everyone has been paired off: Madame de Vionnet and Chad,...

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