The Ambassadors Book 7 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 7 Summary and Analysis


Strether often goes to the cathedral of Notre Dame as a quiet refuge from his problems. He is alone, as Miss Gostrey has been away for three weeks. He continues to see the de Vionnets, Chad, and little Bilham frequently, but it is his times alone at Notre Dame that he most treasures. He often sees a woman there, deeply involved in her meditation and worship. He contemplates his mission, in which he has willfully failed, when he realizes the penitent woman is Madam e de Vionnet. She is pleased to see him. He brings up his promise to save her, which he has done by writing positively about her to Chad’s mother, telling how much she has helped Chad. She begs him to stay and keep Chad in Paris as...

(The entire section is 968 words.)