The Ambassadors Book 6 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 6 Summary and Analysis


At Madame de Vionnet’s home, Chad pleads another engagement and leaves her and Strether alone to get better acquainted. Strether looks around at Madame de Vionnet’s furnishings and sees the noble history of France. It had the “air of supreme respectability,” quite the opposite of what he had expected. In the midst of all the historical artifacts, Madame de Vionnet seems to him incredibly new. He sees a sadness in her, causing him to think of her as “the poor lady.”

Madame de Vionnet says that she hopes Strether has not found her “impossible,” and asks if Mrs. Newsome has given him up because he has not sent Chad home. He says that she has not yet. Madame de Vionnet...

(The entire section is 949 words.)