The Ambassadors Book 5 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 5 Summary and Analysis


Chad invites Strether to go with him to the home of Gloriani, the renowned sculptor. Strether agrees, mainly because Madame de Vionnet and her daughter, the rumored women in Chad’s life, will be present. Strether is very impressed when meeting the artist, but feels he is somehow being put to the test, a test that he fears he has failed. Little Bilham, who is also in attendance, gives him some reassurance.

Little Bilham tells Strether that Madame de Vionnet’s husband is still alive, and he insinuates that Chad is in love with the daughter. Miss Barrace is excited to see them. She speaks of little Bilham as an American coming to convert the savages. The fact that he has been...

(The entire section is 967 words.)