The Ambassadors Book 4 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Book 4 Summary and Analysis


Strether bluntly gives Chad the message that his mother wants him to leave Paris immediately and return to New England. He takes care to explain to Chad that none of this is his idea. Chad listens calmly and politely, and then asks Strether if he strikes him as improved. Strether answers that he does not have the slightest idea, but inwardly he agrees that he has.

Chad, on learning that Strether and his mother have finally become engaged, sees that Strether’s bringing him home is a kind of wedding present to Mrs. Newsome. After Strether states that he has been consumed with his task, he says that he wishes Chad to accede immediately and now wants to go to bed. Chad exclaims that he...

(The entire section is 963 words.)